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Splash Park

The Vision

To build a first class SPLASH PARK in Rockdale, adjacent to the Patterson Center, that will become an engine for economic development for the community and increase utilization of the Center.

The Splash Park will serve:

  • Toddlers
  • Families
  • Teenagers

The Splash Park will aid economic development for the Community:

  • The vision is that this splash park will be of such high quality and so unique to central Texas that people will come from a wide area to use the facility and, while here, eat at our restaurants, stay in our hotels, and shop our stores.
  • It is also thought that this splash park, being adjacent to the Patterson Center, will result in a greater utilization of that facility.

The Splash Park will serve teenagers:

  • It is envisioned that there will be a coin operated jukebox at the park whose music will be choreographed with lights and water action. The park will be open evenings exclusively for the teenagers. A place to hang out.


  • The water used to supply this splash park will be re-used after filtration and ultra-violet sterilization.
  • Restrooms and changing areas will be a part of this project
  • Shaded observation areas will be a part of this project.
  • It is anticipated that this splash park will be open from Memorial Day through Labor Day each year.
  • The splash park will have an attendant on duty during hours of operation.


1. Where exactly do you see the splash park being located?

  • The southeast corner of the Patterson Center.  Close enough to the paved parking to utilize it but far enough from the street to abate noise.

2. Who will design this splash park?

  • Vortex USA, a company with worldwide and vast experience in splash park design will be the lead designer. Weidamark, Dallas will supply the LED lighting and Daryl Vaughn from Houston will do the music – lighting choreography.

3. When do you anticipate this splash park being opened?

  • Memorial Day 2014

4. Will there be an effort to accommodate different age groups at the park at the same time?

  • Yes, the design will be such that the older kids will be drawn to play on different features and to not interfere with the toddlers.

5. Will admission be charged to the Splash Park?

  • Probably, yes, but it is hoped that the amount would be nominal.

6. Who will own and control the Splash Park?

  • The City of Rockdale.




  • Municipal Development District (MDD)  $50,000
  • City of Rockdale  $50,000
  • Rockdale Business Community  $50,000
  • Rockdale Community and Civic Organizations  $50,000
  • KickStarter (public donations)  $50,000