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Request For Information

The Texas Public Information Act provides that most documents of a public entity, such as the Rockdale MDD, are open to public inspection and must be made available to the public. Under the Public Information Act, requests for information must be made in writing to the public information officer of the MDD.

  • Requestors may ask that the information be provided in paper copy of the document or electronic copy of the document; 
  • The Public Information Act does not require MDD officials to conduct research for a requestor; the Public Information Act applies only to documents that the MDD currently has in its possession; 
  • Requests for information may be made by delivering the request in person, mailing the request or emailing the request; 
  • All requests for public information must be made to the MDD Executive Director
  • The MDD will respond promptly to the request although some requests may take several days before a response can be provided; 
  • A fee for responding to the request may apply; if so, the requestor will be notified of the cost of the fee before MDD officials proceed with providing the information.





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