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Past Projects

Past MDD Economic Development Projects/Capital ImpROVEMENT Projects

Click HERE for a list of past MDD Economic Development Projects/Capital Improvement Projects.


This was a joint project with the Rockdale MDD and the City of Rockdale.

To date, the MDD has contributed $35,000 to the Kay Theatre Foundation's phenomenal restoration efforts.


The Rockdale Municipal Development District has implemented a city-wide facade improvement incentive program for businesses. The Municipal Development District will match eligible facade improvement projects on a dollar-for-dollar basis, up to $10,000.00. The total funds available for all projects is $30,000.00

A copy of the program including program description, program goals, eligible applicants, eligible costs and improvements, design requirements, funding availability, and application form can be downloaded here.


In 2014, the MDD awarded Grants to ERA Gunworks, LLC (Lone Star Guns & Goods) for Renovation Construction Cost and Façade Improvements of their downtown building.


August 01, 2013 the MDD awarded Façade Improvement Incentive Grant for the Bit of History Building!

On May 20, 2013 the MDD awarded Place of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center a Façade Improvement Incentive Program Grant to assist in the fabulous restoration of their Downtown Building.


On April 02, 2013, the MDD Awarded its 1st Façade Improvement Incentive Program Grant!

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