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Rockdale Municipal Development District Expands Building/Property Incentive Grants

New Programs Created to Encourage Investment in Rockdale 
(October 31, 2022) ROCKDALE, Texas – The Rockdale Municipal Development District 
(RMDD) Board of Directors recently expanded its popular façade improvement grant program 
by allowing other projects that will help Rockdale grow. “We can now reimburse cleaning up 
property and preparing it for development,” explained RMDD Board President, Nathan Bland.  
“Our new programs will also help with structural improvements and demolition projects.  The 
goal here is to help make Rockdale a more attractive place where businesses can be 
The expanded program will now reimburse up to $25,000 for any environmental clean up and 
remediation.  “Sometimes properties will have old gas tanks in the ground which presents a risk 
for investors,” said RMDD Economic Development Director Jim Gibson.  Other environmental 
problems which may prohibit development are lead-based paint, asbestos, old tires left behind, 
or other hazardous materials.  “The RMDD will reimburse the cost of environmental clean up 
after a new building is constructed.” 
Many commercial buildings in Rockdale are old and dilapidated and simply need to be 
demolished so that something new can go on a lot.  “The RMDD will also reimburse up to 
$15,000 for demolition costs once a new building replaces an old one,” Bland continued. 
The RMDD will also reimburse up to $5,000 in legal expenses to cure property title issues. 
Finally, the RMDD will consider applications for interior and structural building improvements.  
“We recognize that many of Rockdale’s buildings are very old – some may not be in compliance 
with modern building codes or there may be structural issues that need to be resolved,” Gibson 
explained.  “The RMDD will also reimburse up to $15,000 so these charming, old buildings can 
have a business in them once again.” 
Of course, the existing façade improvement grant remains in the RMDD’s redevelopment 
program portfolio. 
The goal of this program is for Rockdale to have a strong, locally grown economy which creates 
an attractive, positive impression.  And, to reduce investment risk so that commercial properties 
are reactivated to their highest potential which will create jobs and generate tax revenue for the 
A copy of the program including program description and application form can be downloaded here.