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Rockdale MDD Signs Agreement with Found TX for New Branding and Marketing Plan


New Growth in Rockdale Provides Opportunities to Market the Community

(January 9, 2023) ROCKDALE, Texas – The Rockdale Municipal Development District (RMDD) recently signed an agreement with Found TX, an Austin-based marketing firm.  As part of the agreement, Found TX will help the RMDD develop a community brand for Rockdale, a comprehensive marketing plan, and build a new website.  Rockdale has a unique opportunity to leverage its location and the new 660-unit Cornerstone subdivision to maximize growth potential.

“Presently, Rockdale does not have much of an identity and it becomes difficult to market ourselves,” explained Rockdale Mayor, Brett Boren.  “I am excited to be working with Found TX – they have done similar projects in communities across Texas.”

The first phase of the project will be to collect data on the community and work to craft the community’s brand.  “A brand is not just a logo, tag line, and colors, but is a promise to the world of what they can expect if they visit Rockdale,” described RMDD Board President Nathan Bland.  “We are going to get those things and also build an identity for Rockdale so we can achieve our economic development goals.”

The second phase is to create a comprehensive marketing plan.  “We have about four different target market audiences,” explained Jim Gibson, RMDD Economic Development Director.  “This is everything from potential new residents (so the new subdivision can be successful), industrial prospects and new entrepreneurs (so we can stimulate investment and job creation, capitalizing on demand for industrial land in Central Texas), and visitors and tourists.”  The new marketing plan will identify the best messages and methods to reach each audience with a plan to deliver that message with measurable outcomes.

Finally, the RMDD is going to get a new website.  Gibson described, “The current RMDD website is very old and built on an obsolete platform.  We are going to do a complete rework of the site to give it a modern look to appeal to our target audiences.”

The work with Found TX will begin soon and should be complete in late 2023.  As part of the agreement, Found TX is going to help the RMDD execute the marketing plan for a second and third year.