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Reasons to be Optimistic for Rockdale’s Future

Reasons to be Optimistic for Rockdale’s Future

Recently, we read about how Rockdale/Milam County’s economy turned a corner after bottoming out in 2020 and slightly grew in 2021.  We concluded that there is some optimism for sustained growth and prosperity in the community.

I would like to offer four trends and developments that can give reasons for that sense of optimism.

First – industrial projects are realizing communities like Rockdale provide certain benefits relative to neighboring cities.  The east-northeast side of Austin is starting to get attention.  Investment projects cannot really go farther west, south, or north of Austin.  These areas are either built out, too expensive, or lack water.  Land is relatively cheaper in Rockdale compared to Hutto, Georgetown, or Austin proper.  Rockdale and Milam County have abundant water supplies whereas other parts of Central Texas do not.  Being in a community like Rockdale is still only about an extra 40 minutes from Austin compared to neighboring cities.  So, Rockdale should receive more consideration for industrial projects than it ever has.  This will mean more job and business opportunities for residents.

Second – we have a new industrial park coming online.  In September 2022, the RMDD and a private property owner signed an agreement to document a 280 acre tract for a future industrial park site.  We should be done with this project in a few months and start the process of marketing it.

Third – the new Samsung plant will create another layer of demand for industrial real estate.  Samsung is requiring their suppliers to be located within a certain radius from the main plant in Taylor.  Rockdale being the next town over (see the above advantages) with available industrial space, makes us an attractive investment location.

Fourth – the new Cornerstone subdivision.  The new 660 unit subdivision will generate much-needed tax revenue for the City, help to improve Rockdale’s demographics, and help us to attract more retail businesses.  The development becomes more valuable to show prospective industries that we have a place to house employees nearby.

It is our mission to help Rockdale become a prosperous community.  By capitalizing on these four trends, we can keep the economic momentum and grow an economy that works for everyone.