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How is the Rockdale MDD Governed

How is the RMDD Governed? 


Sometimes economic development is shrouded in secrecy – often we must be secretive to protect prospects and preserve negotiations, but otherwise, we should be open in all that we do.  One of the values the RMDD upholds is transparency.  Here, we will explore how the Rockdale Municipal Development District is governed and funded. 


In 2013, Rockdale voters approved levying a half cent sales tax for economic development.  The voters approved the creation of the Rockdale Municipal Development District, which is authorized under Chapter 377 of the Texas Local Government Code.  Each month, the RMDD receives its portion of sales tax from the Texas Comptroller. 


Most of the RMDD’s funding comes from this sales tax source – presently, this comes to be about $500,000 each year.  The RMDD receives a small amount of revenue from interest earned from cash left in the bank. 

The RMDD does not get any money from the City – we are entirely self-funded.  Additionally, the RMDD does not take any money from property taxes. 


The RMDD is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors who are appointed by the Rockdale City Council for two-year terms.  The Board meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 5:30 pm. 


Each year, the RMDD staff prepare a budget and present it to the Board for review.  In July, the Board approves the budget and recommends approval to the City Council.  The Council then studies the budget and votes on it each September. 


Additionally, the RMDD has an audit done by a certified auditor annually, where we have to meet certain financial standards. For the past three years, the RMDD has received a clean audit, meaning there are no deficiencies or weaknesses in our financial systems.  This audit is also presented to the Council for their review and approval. 


Each of these documents – budgets and audits – are available on the RMDD website for public view. 


Further, if there is a large project that the RMDD wishes to do that is not included in the annual budget, we must take this to the Council for their approval. 


The RMDD strives to be a transparent organization, and with this information, hopefully this goal is better met.  Stop by and pay us a visit.  We are going to do great things in Rockdale!