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How Large Will Rockdale Be In 20 Years?

How Large Will Rockdale Be In 20 Years?

About three weeks ago, Sandow Lakes Ranch announced the development of a new 3,300 acre industrial park, the Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics Center (AMLC).  If you drive out there, you can see where they are clearing land and starting the dirt work.  But, please, stay on the public property!

How will this affect Rockdale?  This community will never quite be the same.  For this article, we are going to describe the projected population growth. 

We created a model to predict Rockdale’s future size and, if the assumptions are valid, then within 20 years, Rockdale should grow to a city of 30,000.  This will be another 10,800 housing units consuming 1,800 acres of land.

The Rockdale Municipal Development District (RMDD) office has already received more interest and phone calls from developers seeking to take advantage of residential opportunities. 

Rockdale went through a similar growth spurt before.  Looking at historical census records from 1890 to 2020 – 130 years – Rockdale’s population increased 3-fold from 1950 (pre-ALCOA) to 1980 (population peak).  Many folks look back fondly on this time as one of prosperity for Rockdale.

Over the next series of short articles, we’ll explore some of the different facets of this growth, what opportunities may arise for us now, and how your local governments may react.

The question of whether Rockdale will grow has been answered.  We need to move beyond that and rise to the challenge of managing this growth in such a way that benefits everyone.  New Rockdale – Old Rockdale.  Those with - those without.  We have a rare opportunity to build the kind of Rockdale we have dreamed of and can be proud to leave behind.

We are going to do great things in Rockdale, Texas!