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City of Rockdale and Rockdale MDD Offers Data Analysis for Local Businesses and Organizations


Powerful Data Available to Help Make Business Decisions

(November 3, 2023) ROCKDALE, Texas – The City of Rockdale and the Rockdale Municipal Development District (RMDD) offer an impressive portfolio of data products that are available for local businesses and organizations to use – or any business looking to make an investment or start in Rockdale.  “Initially, we bought these data packages to help recruit retail or respond to industrial prospects,” explained RMDD Board President Nathan Bland.  “We are quickly finding out that other businesses need this information.”

As this data is sourced by local funds, the data is available for any Rockdale-based business, non-profit, organization, or individual looking to start a business in Rockdale.

The RMDD purchases an annual subscription to Placer.ai, and the City bought an add-on called PersonaLive; the RMDD also purchased a subscription to Lightcast which delivers industry and workforce data.

“The Placer products use cell phone tracking software installed on different apps on smartphones to tell a lot about the folks in Rockdale,” described RMDD Economic Development Director, Jim Gibson.  Placer can give community demographic data, spending patterns, retail leakage (how many dollars are spent by Rockdale locals on particular products outside of town), consumer behaviors and preferences, and social media influencers.  “This is very powerful stuff that can help business,” Gibson reported.  “This data can help a business or organization know or validate where their customers come from, what their preferences are, and who they listen to or follow.  This information can help businesses target their marketing and advertising budgets more effectively.”

The Lightcast data can help area employers with expansion plans by looking at local industrial sales patterns, including leakage; workforce pay scales; where workforce lives; and where talent comes from.

“Again, we would like to make this data available to other community organizations, non-profits, and businesses in Rockdale,” Bland continued.  “We have already helped out the Rockdale Country Club, East Bell Tap House, the City of Rockdale, and 7 Bar BBQ.”

Anyone wishing to review the data should contact the Rockdale Municipal Development District office to set up an appointment.