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The City of Rockdale and Rockdale MDD Adopt New Logo and Tagline


Rebranding Effort is Part of Larger City Strategy to Improve the City’s Appearance

(November 14, 2023) ROCKDALE, Texas – The City of Rockdale and the Rockdale Municipal Development District (RMDD) recently adopted a new logo and tagline.  The RMDD approved the new brand at their October 23 meeting and the City Council adopted the brand on November 13.  “Our new tagline, ‘A Stone’s Throw Away’ is meant to show how close Rockdale is to many big city amenities and things businesses need,” explained Rockdale Mayor Brett Boren.

“As Rockdale is looking to grow from a sleepy town into an Austin secondary market, we need to refresh how we look to the rest of the world,” Boren continued.  “This rebranding effort is also a part of our overall strategy to improve our appearance.”

The MDD’s old logo proved difficult to use at times.  “The lettering colors were hard to use on certain backgrounds and the shape of Texas in a logo is always hard to print,” said RMDD Economic Development Director, Jim Gibson.  “The new logo has a very clean design.”

The RMDD selected Austin-based FoundTX, which specializes in marketing for smaller communities.  “They have worked with other Central Texas cities like Brownwood, San Saba and Goldwaithe,” Gibson said.  The City and RMDD agreed that both entities should share the same logo and brand.

The new logo has an earth tone color scheme.  “We felt that green/red-orange colors would help us stand out better,” described RMDD Board President Nathan Bland.  “Many city and economic development logos use a red-white-blue combination.”  The Cottonwood Green color is meant to convey growth and rebirth while the Depot Red color projects energy.  “If you look carefully, these are the colors on the Rockdale Historic Depot,” Bland described.

The RMDD is working with FoundTX on building a new economic development website which should be ready to launch by the first of the year.  The contract with FoundTX also includes a marketing plan and efforts to assist in business/industry attraction, talent recruitment, and tourism.