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Civic Center Improvements

The Rockdale Municipal Development District is studying ways to improve, expand and promote the George Hill Patterson Community Center.

Patterson Civic Center Improvement Ideas

Here is a list of improvement needs/ideas that has been generated so far.

NOTE: The MDD Board is actively soliciting ideas from the community. A plan drawing is available for citizens to use to input ideas to the city council or the municipal development board. Contact the MDD Office if you would like a copy.

General Goal---To upgrade the Patterson Community Center to include an “Open Concept Kitchen” and other improvements to make the facility “multi-functional," much more livable, visually more marketable, and increase its overall functionality. The primary improvements would be in the interior area. We want it to be the best place for weddings, reunions, receptions in the Rockdale area and still be usable for small and large city meetings.

Dowload a PDF drawing of the Civic Center Improvments.

Inside Building:

  1. Enhanced lighting
  2. Interior furniture recommendations
  3. floor and wall finishes
  4. Kitchen Improvements (w/catering large groups in mind)
  5. Color schemes
  6. Misc. interior appointments and decorations.
  7. Upgrades to main building façade & entry to provide an updated and inviting appearance to the building exterior

Outside Building:

General goal of land improvements--Make use of the outdoor area for the 1st time. Make it inviting and usable for many outdoor events or for spill-over from inside events. 

1. Add a unique cover over the concrete stage-patio on the West side of the building. Make it into a multipurpose area as an outdoor stage, eating area, dance area. Add external lighting and guardrails. 

2. Add a gazebo on one side or the other. 

3. Add a water feature in the West yard out from the stage. Consider adding some Western Bronze Art or Historical Art/Sculptor in a fountain with lighting.

4. Add a nice walkway between the new features added to the lawn. This could include gas-light poles (replicas) benches and some historical monuments explaining the history of the area. Make it a stroll thru Rockdale History.

5. Make significant improvements to the landscape architecture.