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About Rockdale

Rockdale is located in the southern portion of Milam County, Texas, which is a rural community located within the heart of the Texas Triangle. Rockdale is situated where State Highway 79 and State Highway 77 join. Providing direct access to Interstate 10, Interstate 35 and Interstate 45, Rockdale has connectivity to all parts of the nation and rests in the center of the NAFTA corridor.  Rockdale is advantageously centrally located less than one hour’s drive from three metropolitan areas; Waco, Austin and College Station which holds eight Universities and over fifteen Colleges. Moreover, Rockdale is less than a two-and-a-half hours’ drive between three Major Metropolitan areas; San Antonio, Houston and Dallas.

Founding of The City of Rockdale

The founding of Rockdale began when the International and Great Northern Railroad was building their rail line west from Palestine to Austin. Early settlers came in 1873 when news spread about a possible new town along the line. The area sprang up as ‘Tent City”. By 1874 the Galveston News reported the town to be a bustling frontier settlement. On May 18, 1874 an election was held in which a majority of voters favored incorporation. In June or July the justice declared Rockdale as incorporated. On June 14, 1875 the city council under its first mayor, Alfred Bruck passed an ordinance to change the name from “town of Rockdale” to "City of Rockdale".

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