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About the MDD

The Rockdale Municipal Development District

Click here for the MDD Vision and Values Statement

It is the mission of the MDD to aid the City of Rockdale and interested private or public entities in making the community a better place to live, work, and do business. In so doing, the MDD may help develop and finance any permissible project as defined in Chapter 377 of the Texas Local Government Code, and that benefits, strengthens and diversifies the economic base of Rockdale.

The RMDD was created by voters in May 2010 and began levying a ½ percent sales tax starting October 1, 2010, on all items in the District that are subject to the general sales tax. The MDD boundaries include the City of Rockdale and its extra-territorial jurisdiction (that area that extends outward from the city limits to one mile). The RMDD permissible project jurisdiction consists of the City of Rockdale and all of the territories outside of the city limits of Rockdale, Texas, but only to the extent that territory is in the Rockdale Independent School District. The RMDD spent much of the first two years educating themselves and the community on economic development while funds were being accrued to hire their first Executive Director in March of 2012. Over the years, the RMDD has also participated in various long-term infrastructure projects for the community. One such project is the Development of the Rockdale Industrial and Business Park. The RMDD, in partnership with the City, has recently completed the installation of water, wastewater, fire protection and other improvements in the Industrial and Business Park totaling approximately $758,608.10 in RMDD funds. All development and improvements will be done in compliance with the City’s rules, standards, codes, and ordinances to create an attractive and marketable resource that will encourage an increase in the tax base within the City and the District.

The RMDD, in conjunction with the Rockdale Downtown Association (RDA), facilitated the development of a Downtown Master Plan for the City of Rockdale. The RDA sought qualified firms to conduct a study and then develop a plan to revitalize the Downtown District of Rockdale. After many interviews, the RDA recommended that Half Associates be hired to perform the work. The RMDD funded the Downtown Master Plan Project in the amount of $30,000. The Plan was submitted on October 19, 2012. The RMDD and Rockdale Community have implemented many incentives to encourage the success of the Downtown Revitalization Project in the past years, such as the Façade Improvement Incentive Program, Rental Assistance Program, Public Use Parking and Pedestrian Facilities (Sidewalks). 

  • Façade Improvement Incentive Program Goals;
    • Offer the private sector an incentive program to invest in Rockdale buildings
    • Catalyze continued private sector investment through visible improvements
    • Revitalize and improve the appearance of Rockdale buildings to positively impact the aesthetics, marketability, and perception of the City of Rockdale and its ETJ

The RMDD purchased an office building located at 134 N. Main St. in downtown Rockdale. Since that time, they have made several repairs to the building, including exterior wall repairs, roof repairs, office remodel, and the construction of an adjacent public use Parking Lot.

The RMDD has approved other various Grants to aid in the Historic Restoration of community landmarks, new business construction, and infrastructure expansion and the construction of three City of Rockdale Gateway Monuments totaling $174,215.19.



Information is derived from the Texas Local Government Code (LGC).  Please confer with your legal representative prior to engaging in projects.



Prepared for: The Texas Ecomonic Development Council by M. Ray Perryman, PhD, President, The Perryman Group

The field of economic development has become increasingly sophisticated and more professionalized over the past thirty years. Experts in the field, such as economic development professionals, corporate real estate specialists, and site location consultants understand the workings of the economic development process. However, as global competition for investment intensifies, it is increasingly vital for elected officials and local community leaders outside the field to also understand how economic development works at the local and regional levels. 
To that end, the Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC), the more than 800 member state association of professional economic developers, contracted with Nobel Prize nominee Dr. M. Ray Perryman, to prepare this brief and highly informative white paper: The Market for Prosperity: Understanding the Economic Development Process.
This paper is designed to provide non-experts with a solid understanding of the economic development process, including the factors considered by companies making site location decisions and the appropriate, cost-effective uses of financial incentives. ~ Carlton Schwab, President/CEO, Texas Economic Development Council